the world is quiet here.

you are now entering the bonny zone.


this site soon to be home to short stories, useful links, and tv playlists...

also if u want to make a site, check out this guide by sadgrl online!

i knew nothing abt coding b4 going in, and it really helped. if i can do it, anyone can!



still messing with links in all sections. also added the articles section. theres nothing in it right now, but i figure its good to have a seperate area for rambling, otherwise it clogs up my other sections.

this site, as always, is forever under construction.^^


filled out the recs section. it's still missing a few links, but the bulk is all there for now ^^


knocked out a couple placeholder section pages, and gonna come back and actually put stuff on them later. but first. i have some dnd characters to make!!


decided to completely makeover the whole site. ugh. bear with me.

imo the true form of the internet is 'three urls u memorise and look up at the library'. that's the goal i want to accomplish here.


after a lot of (very fun) work, this site is more or less finished! it exists, yay! if you're reading this, i bet you're trawling neocities looking for inspiration for your own site. in the current age of the internet, there aren't many options to make your own personal space. a proposed solution is this - a return to self-hosted sites like neocities, where you can make something truly unique, free of advertisements and censorship!

however, due to the uncertainty of the future, this solution may not, in the end, be a reliable one. who knows? but no love is wasted. if, today, we make our own little corner of the internet, it is 100% more likely to be there tomorrow than if we do not make it at all. what kind of internet do you want to exist on? and what can you do to build it?


hello. for this news section, i will be writing the date backwards. americans, i am not sorry.

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